hi guys, if I can help with anything, please let me know. Steve was not married while at Team in NY. You could say that he was at Team longer than the dates you mention, as he was in one of the two shows at the original Team in Washington DC, with a collaborative piece with Alix Lambert. And he was my friend since i met him when i was still in undergrad. So you could say that Team came partly from him in the first place, before Jose was Team.

Please don't underestimate the value of Steven's collaboration with Team. It was never about money. There was a great vibe and influence between the artists of the gallery, and maybe that made some others feel left out. Times change and what is important changes with that too.

For what it is worth, considering how much J&R disliked the work, it was quite an accomplishment on Jose's part to get her to step up to bat and put it in "the paper of record". that is by no means guaranteed no matter how many shows you have had.

it is great to see Steven getting the recognition he deserves.

Much love to my old friends,

Lisa Ruyter
- Lisa Ruyter 8-06-2008 9:58 pm

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