I never understood this argument about there being more software for Windows. How many programs do people need? Do you really need 83 different MP3 players rather than 16 (or rather than 1 good one?) I'd love to see an example of a type of program that is available on Windows and not on Mac OS. I highly doubt there are any. Sure there are *more* programs available for Windows, but that's because there are so many duplicates in the Windows ecosystem. It's sort of like arguing that you should shop for a suit at Men's Warehouse rather than Paul Smith because they have *tons* more suits.

I know the top quote from T.M. is in jest, but I think it comes out of this same sort of thinking that there are actually more choices for software on Windows, and it's doubly painful because MS Paint is just a clone of the original Mac Paint! (And if you want MS Paint on the Mac today you can just download the free Paintbrush.) &_lt;/fanboy&_gt;

- jim 10-03-2009 5:24 pm

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