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oh, so they are actors who act for a living. pls recall the link in the 1st paragraph of my original post. i read through the 24 comments pages of well reasoned discussion on the relative merits of both systems as creative work tools. no one went to the "i have a problem with their condescending ad campaign" argument.* they dealt with the substantive issues of comparing os's and hardware. you enjoyed major creative use time of your pc work computer located smack dab in the corporate office world. your back ground. most of the art students of my era studied paste up and mechanicals in art school and after graduating gained employment in ad agencies and other creative workplaces so they might find enough financial security to (barely) support their art practice. (not too much difference there with your experience.) one day the ad agencies chucked out the mechanical work boards and brought in machines to run photoshop and quark. most of those machines were macs. many of those folks eventually got macs for their home too, especially when the internet kicked in. some chose pc computers for reasons we are all familiar with. for many that was several computers back and many switched back and forth perhaps settling on a favorite. some may switch back and forth again. i dont see where you are finding your moral high ground tom. you seem to be calling all mac users cult victims and you the catcher in the rye immune to the cultish mind control who could save deprogram us all if we would just submit to the ridicule. but what about you listening too and admit there are merits to both? see jims latest post(s).

*the discussion predated (?) the dreaded ad campaign referred to elsewhere. none the less i consider it more annoyance than deal breaker. / edit: since 2006. so up to a year in place.
- bill 10-07-2009 4:40 pm

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