"...says he hates it, the company..." no you were bashing mac users by characterizing them as elitist. the other apple products are not really the subject of this post.

and then this: "I sense that academia--especially art and music--has settled into Mac and is growing completely out of touch with (or snotty or indifferent to) working stiffs and their problems outside the ivory tower." can you support that? who are these mean insensitive mac users you refer to exactly?

i understand your support of the common man, we all support our fellow working men and women. why do you think mac users dont?

i have linked to a page where the merits of both are discussed in depth and you are still faining that it is you and the common man who are the victims. please. there is a topic here being worked through. you could contribute to the dialog but you would rather be sarcastic and defensive: "You've won, the whole world loves your product! "

implicit in your argument is a moral high ground : "I love working with the plebe computer, the cubicle computer."

i think this is a fascinating ongoing subject. we would all be enriched and better artists to see it worked through. it needs to be addressed. demythologized. ive noticing some misconceptions rectified in this thread already and many many more in the comments thread linked to in the original post. i just wish you would represent your position with a more responsible argument. bashing "cracks" and flaming is non productive and sensational.

- bill 10-07-2009 10:47 pm

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