I do love working with the plebe computer and part of Mac's appeal is design snobbery. You take it personally when I point that out and accuse me of Holden Caulfielding you.

I won't get a fair shake on this site. People here use Apple, love Apple and bristle if anyone criticizes it. You take my criticisms of the company--a family of products all meant to be a totalizing, interlocked environment--as a slur on your consumer choices and therefore you. Windows users can't be embarrassed--they know the problems.

I gave an anecdotal example earlier. I'm a working artist who has used both MacPaint and Paintbrush extensively. I think the latter handles better. Jim brushes that evidence off with: "Still you may well like MSPaintbrush better. I guess this really doesn't matter."

What I have done is violate Canon #203 of the Apple Creed, which is "Apple innovates, Windows steals, and Windows could never, ever improve a product. If an artist says different, what does he know? He's just someone who uses it. Apple invented it, end of story."

- tom moody 10-08-2009 3:11 am

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