I met my first Apple fanboi in about 1980. He was a fellow electrical engineering student. I did some HW and SW work with microprocessors, but did not actually have my own computer. A few people did. I was waiting until they were better.

I remember asking this guy a smart ass question about the sticker on his truck. "Why is there a hunk out of that apple? And why is it striped? I've seen red apples, green apples, golden apples, but not one with stripes." He ignored my smart ass intent, and launched into a spiel about how great Apple was. I saw the Apple ][ as just another crappy little toy computer with *gasp* a weak ass 6502.

His excitement while talking about Apple was palpable. He could think of nothing better than moving to Cupertino to work for them. I didn't get it. I guess I did take away from that exchange that Silicon Valley is the place to be. So I did at least grasp that.

Thanks Steve, for making engineering a little more exciting.

- mark 10-06-2011 5:41 pm

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