Field Guide to the Verizon/Specturmco/Cox deal. Doesn't sound good.
- jim 3-23-2012 3:01 pm

is this basically saying that the consumer is gonna come out on the losing end?
- steve 3-23-2012 4:14 pm

yes, that is a lot of words. can this be dumbed down?
- dave 3-23-2012 5:18 pm

I guess this guys basic argument is that the U.S. pretty much got rid of oversight over the telecommunications sector in favor of a free market competitive approach. In other words the government decided they don't really have to police the markets which provide connectivity to the consumer because with competition - for instance Verizon vs. Time Warner - the market will magically provide the best deal for the consumer (even when competition in any particular market usually meant, at best, a single telecom competing with a single cable operator.) But now a bunch of these supposedly competing firms have made deals with each other so they will no longer really be in competition with each other and they are basically telling the FCC "Fuck you, these deals don't amount to collusion" but they won't really provide any documentation about the deals or assurances that they aren't meant to screw the consumer, and by the way, did we mention "Fuck You".
- jim 3-23-2012 7:58 pm

i agree with these multi-nationals. the fcc should get back to doing what is does best, parsing when it is appropriate to use the word "shit" on broadcast tv and clarifying how much side boob is acceptable during prime time.
- dave 3-23-2012 8:18 pm

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