Windows 8 has the earmarks of being a Wordstar 2000.

Never heard of Wordstar 2000? Exactly.

Take the single most popular program in its category, which was kind of klunky in ways, and replace it with something completely different (but with almost the same name!), thereby inviting your users to re-examine their options. If ya gotta learn something new anyway, why not survey the market?

On the other hand, Windows 8 could just be a more spectacular Vista -- an embarrassing waste, but not a death blow. (XP still works fine!}

- mark 6-06-2012 1:11 am

Is Steve Ballmer the worst CEO in history?

- jim 6-06-2012 1:34 am

They pretty much lost the tablet and phone markets, and are prepared to throw away the desktop in an effort to chase those lost opportunities. As the article says, if this is a debacle, a lot of companies are going to bleed.
- mark 6-06-2012 4:41 am

At w*rk we only just got 7 so it's possible companies will ride it out until whatever follows 8.
I'm curious how the audio PC community responds - they liked XP, skipped Vista, liked 7.
- tom moody 6-08-2012 5:04 am

At my work it's XP and 7. I like XP fine.
- mark 6-08-2012 6:30 am

Yes, I prefer XP to 7. The latter attempted to fix some things that weren't broken. (One peeve about 7: let's say you want to close your network connection. After it's closed the only way to re-open it is to use the "troubleshooter" and "attempt repairs as administrator" and sit there watching the progress bar as the machine does "diagnostics" and eventually "repairs" the connection by turning it back on. That's just dumb.)
- tom moody 6-08-2012 11:18 am

Windows 7 forever.
- mark 6-08-2012 8:54 pm

Ha ha, good catch. What is that from?
- tom moody 6-09-2012 3:21 pm

Allegedly, Prometheus.
- mark 6-10-2012 3:25 am

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