Choosy mothers choose gif.

- mark 5-23-2013 5:25 am

As a grizzled vet of the post-2004 GIF community let me state definitively, this is a non-argument: the gif creator's own preferences have been trumped by the street (which actually uses his product on a daily basis), and only posers say "jif" now.
- tom moody 5-23-2013 12:09 pm

...I respect Mr. Wilhite’s choice to be retroactively wrong about the pronunciation of the name of something which he himself invented....
- jim 5-23-2013 12:45 pm

"Shadus" makes a good point: "I’ve always pronounced it GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) same G as Graphics…"

(Giraffe-ic Interchange Format)
- tom moody 5-23-2013 3:02 pm

I've been using the soft g for nigh on twenty years. I don't know that I can re-program those bits at this point.
- mark 5-23-2013 7:09 pm

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