moody cubicle

My cubicle [May 31], the last day of the ART@><*WORK show (click image for slightly enlarged view). I like the contrast between my "dude holdin' it all in" style and Erika Somogyi & Evan Greenfield's rather more expanded field behind. Below: detail of my workspace. Bear in mind it was a performance piece--this is just scenery for me sitting there for 44 hours being the office dork I am in my other life. Thanks to those who came out to witness this--your interest and support is greatly appreciated!

moody cubicle detail

- tom moody 7-09-2005 1:35 am

i like your studio, hope you are well
- prozac 2-13-2006 8:09 pm

Hey, prozac--just found your comment. Doing well, thanks.
- tom moody 5-26-2006 6:54 pm

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