AndOr2 D

I'm thinking this piece is in the endgame phase but who knows, I could get mad and attack it again. My plan was to keep filling up the page but I'm kind of liking this double inverted tornado thing. Just saw the movie Twister again (one of my favorites) and I really like the shots at the end where they finally get data from Dorothy going up the F-5 funnel.

- tom moody 12-09-2005 3:15 am

hi tom - love this one - has it evolved past this state?
- ao (guest) 5-19-2011 8:19 pm

Thanks - no, it looks the same. It acquired a frame when I showed it in Dallas but after it came home (sad face) I removed it.
- tom moody 5-20-2011 3:56 pm

"private collection"
- ao (guest) 9-08-2011 9:43 pm

right, thanks - this is the official update.
- tom moody 9-09-2011 1:46 pm

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