Spinning Atom w Shading

- tom moody 6-21-2004 9:49 pm

niiiice! good one, Tom.
- sally mckay 6-22-2004 7:09 am

Thanks. I'm waiting to put some text (blah blah verbiage) between this and the other images on my main page before I post it there (for maximum impact!). The optical effect is making me see some blue-grey that isn't there, which was a pleasant surprise. Also that the background around the atom looks off-white, and it's the same white.
- tom moody 6-22-2004 7:17 am

I'm not seeing any of that colour stuff. Might be my LCD screen?
- sally mckay 6-22-2004 7:39 am

I'm looking at it on a backlit LCD screen at w*rk and saw it earlier on a CRT at home--they're optical colors (like afterimages), not actual colors. E.g., the absence of shade in a molecular "arm" makes it momentarily appear brighter than the surrounding white (so the surrounding white becomes off-white). At least to my eyes--I can't not see it.
- tom moody 6-22-2004 7:51 am

oh yeah! I all of a sudden see it. cool.
- sally mckay 6-22-2004 4:29 pm

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