Raisin Bran Molecule

Raisin Bran Molecule Sculpture, 2006, product packaging, ink jet print on cut paper, tape, staples, pushpins, 42 x 30 x 14 inches

- tom moody 10-26-2006 8:42 pm

Right! This would be in that D! It looks great, actually impressive, as do all the install shots.
What's that barely protruding out of the bottom pack? Tabs?
- anonymous (guest) 10-27-2006 5:30 am

Thanks. Yes, some of the boxes have the tabs trimmed off, and with others I left them protruding. Ha--I lost a "molecular strut" when I was making this and just realized it's lying in the dark opening at the bottom.
- tom moody 10-27-2006 5:55 am