New "miscellaneous" pages have been added to this log (click here) and The Doris Piserchia Site (click here). They are weblog-style pages that serve as footnotes, or notes for future posts, on the respective sites. For example, if a New York Times article is discussed here, the relevant section can be found on the "miscellaneous" page, sparing the reader a link that would require signing in at the Times. On the Piserchia page, I've sampled some of the great writing on the author's work from other websites (because you never know when they'll disappear), as well as some posts from the Piserchia page at Yahoo! Clubs, which is now practically unusable since it's been rolled into Yahoo! Groups and saturated with banners and pop-ups. Also recently added to my writing archive is a piece on Drew Dominick's "psycho-garage-mechanic" show from 1996.

- tom moody 3-11-2002 5:34 pm

Excellent work. I'm in favor of caching local copies of things from other sites to guard against future link breakage (or worse.) Probably there are some legal issues, but I don't care at this point.

As for the Times, as I've argued before, this stupid policy of thwarting outside links to their information is sealing their fate. Ten years from now they won't be one of the world's top news sources (yes, I calculated this scientifically.) Why are they doing this? It's insane. I can almost see a class action shareholder suit somewhere down the road (well, ok, not really, but I think it's some serious mismanagement.)
- jim 3-11-2002 6:57 pm

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