I've been a bit shy about putting pictures of myself on this site, but every once in a while someone takes a photo of me that causes me to say, "People gotta see this." So here it is. Please don't clog the comment board with praise or jealous jeers--I want to be appreciated for my ideas, not just how I look on cam.

- tom moody 3-25-2003 8:09 pm

Primary colors are only for the bold.
- mark 3-25-2003 11:55 pm

Most people end up looking like their ideas, if not their ideals. The little boy and his bombs typify adolescent America. The joyous explosion of energy, the delight in destruction: these stand in for thought. Always we embrace the ck of "fuck you", while the hesitation of fhuh hangs in the air like a bomb not quite fallen.
- alex 3-26-2003 12:15 am

What about the "you"?.......er, exactly.
- steve 3-26-2003 5:54 pm

Now do you all see why I responded to Bill as I did. Would you want this person sleeping in your upstairs guest room? Especially the guest room with a skylight?
- jeanne 3-26-2003 7:07 pm

Usually when visiting friends I leave my Stinger in the foyer, just so you know.
- tom moody 3-26-2003 8:00 pm

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