"Rolling Victory" declared in Iraq

From today's Washington Post: "During early preparations for war, one official said, some U.S. thinkers 'operated on the assumption that it was going to be a relatively clean break, that the end of the regime would be clear for all to see. That may not be the case. I think we're seeing a rolling end.'"

What a great concept! Now when your boss asks if a job is finished, you can say "Yes, it's kind of a rolling finish." All-your half-completed household chores, too, can be characterized as "in a rolling state." And so on. It's always exciting to hear a new phrase enter the language--I expect this one is going to be BIG!

- tom moody 4-04-2003 5:36 pm

The Iraq body count stands at 601 (min) 760 (max). That's just civilians.

Digby has an excellent discussion of the "rolling victory."
- tom moody 4-05-2003 1:59 am

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