The two posts previous to this one--drawings titled Starfish Disaster and Melting Appliance--are my first (official) stabs at Pixelist art. I used to enjoy the pixel contests on the sadly-defunct, and was intrigued to find "pixel art" listed as a genre at deviantART, an anyone-can-post visual art site. You draw these things mostly in the "fat bits" or zoom mode of a simple paint program and the finished product is meant to be a low-res understatement. Some works still manage to be over the top: this piece by gunstar-red, Edge Retro Cover, is a tour-de-force crammed with myriad pop-culture references, neatly arranged in a kid's isometric playroom. Other drawings are more concise, sometimes gems of miniaturization:

Atari 5200 - Atari 7800

Rubber Pong

Bouncy Blocks

Atari 2600 Isometric


Nothing on TV


My Sleepy Room

Little Farm - Part 2

Cute Little Cube (Rubik's)

Little Farm

Sample of Thork Pixel City

An Alien Trapped in the Water




Another Day at Work


Techno Bus v2

The Tube to Nowhere

Cube Tower Slideup

wenstrom is the Alfred Stieglitz of the genre, at least on He's curated "Pixelists of the Week" galleries for the past few months and offers critiques and encouragement to other practitioners. (Tough critic, too.)

- tom moody 4-11-2003 10:01 am

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