A list of permanent links has been added to my faq page (scroll down past the personal bombast). Included are four weblogs that were kind enough to link to me recently, and that I've been enjoying: Hullabaloo (Digby); artnotes (Ariana French); Three River Tech Review (Philip Shropshire); and ukor.org (not really a weblog, an eclectic portal page from Japan). All are recommended. Shropshire has an interesting piece here comparing Ted Kaczynski to Hannibal Lecter (the definitive one, played by Brian Cox, not the other guy), and then likening Kaczynski/Lecter to Francis Fukayama and Leon Kass: the Luddite posse. Good quote: "If I want artificial blood, augmented antioxidants, a Rhino Horn, creepy blood-red infrared eyes and a bio-networked version of a Spidey sense, then that should be my choice, my call. Will I still be human? I don't know. But I should have the right to find out, good or ill. And I shouldn't have to fear the actions of Kass, Fukuyama and especially Kaczynski." To which I would add, provided all that stuff isn't being pushed by corporate body-molders as the Next Big Thing, in a milieu of bought-off regulators, a la Big Pharm and Big Agriculture. Not sure how we're going to get to the post-human phase without some awfully unhappy guinea pigs.

- tom moody 5-15-2003 11:31 pm

Hey, thanks for the mention man. I'm definitely going to stop by here often. I think it's a very cool site and of course the artwork is incredible. I hope you honor us your continued presence and don't go into storage like Gibson on the whole weblogging thing.


Philip Shropshire

PS: Yeah I agree the bought off legislators reality is deeply disturbing. In fact, I'm probably the only person at Better Humans (and we agree pretty much on everything else) who thinks that the EU has a right to ban GM foods, not necessarily because their science is wrong, but because I think they have a right to make that choice. I wish we could choose here. I wish I knew what foods I'm eating were genetically modified.
- Steelydan (guest) 5-19-2003 11:53 pm