Below is a discography of Dusseldorf musician Stefan Schwander, who records primarily as Antonelli Electr. (as in "electric" or "electronic"? I used to say the former but after hearing it the other way a couple of times I'm starting to just say "electer"). Schwander also plays keyboards with the Elektrotiki combo The Bad Examples, but is best known for his dance work, consisting of very minimal, catchy compositions performed mainly with sequencers and drum machines. Antonelli's club hit, the super elegant track "I Don't Want Nobody Else But You," combines a house four-on-the-floor thump with shimmering electro chirps and a plaintive vocoder, but in the years since that release, Schwander's output has become more abstract and stripped-down: the recent Antonelli disc Love and Other Solutions is very much of a piece with cuts under his supposedly more ambient Rhythm_maker alias. No matter how pre-planned and systematic the work is, Schwander has a gift for melody, exquisite production skills, and a knack for conjuring a soulful vibe--the tracks may be even more powerful for being chopped down to a few interlocking tunes. The man is the funky Dan Flavin of the music world.

Peng Peng Baby, CD (Stewardess)
Me, The Disco Machine, CD and 2x12" (Italic)
Click, CD and 2x12"' (Italic)
Love And Other Solutions, CD and 2X12" (Italic)

Handclaps EP, 12" (Stewardess)
Bohannon, 12" (Italic)
Composure EP, 12" (Italic)
Automatic Music, 12" (Italic)
I Don´t Want Nobody Else But You, 12" (Italic)
Dubby Disco, 12" (Italic)
The Source Of Design, 12" (Italic)
Chrome Vanadium EP, 12" (Italic)
The Vogue, 12" (with Miss Kittin) (Italic)
Pictures, 12" (Italic)

"Waitin For the Mornin" on Follow You to the End of the World, 12" (WMF Records)

"Unintense" on Clicks & Cuts 2, 3xCD and 4x12" (Mille Plateaux)
"Dubby Disco" on Fabric 01, CD (Fabric (London))
"I Don't Want Nobody Else But You" on The State of e:motion Vol. 7, 2xCD (E:Motion)
"Mrs Maze" on Staedtizism 3: Instrumentals, CD and 2X12" (~scape)
"Introducing:Unemployment" on DJ Mix 1/2, 2xCD (Dream Machine)
"Composure" on Dancer - The Italic Collection, CD (Italic)
"The Vogue" on Dancer - The Italic Collection, CD (Italic)
"Nachtclub Pavement" on Dancer - The Italic Collection, CD (Italic)
"Nachtclub Pavement" on Steve Bug Presents The Flow, CD (Cocoon Recordings)
"Dubby Disco" on Nighteffect, CD (WMF Records)
"Lovers Inn" on Clicks & Cuts 3, 2xCD and 3x12" (Mille Plateaux)
"Picture Yourself" on The State Of E:Motion Vol.10, 3xCD (E:Motion)
"The Vogue" on Untitled, CD (Spex Magazine)
"Time Destroying Machine" on Live Sets At Ego 1998-2000, 2xCD (EFA)
"Dubby Disco" on Dj Kicks, CD (Studio !K7)
"Lila Pause" / "Wer Tanzt Humpelt Nicht" on Station 17+ Hitparade, CD (Mute Records)

If Music Could Talk, CD (Italic)
Rocket No. 1 [+ 2], 12" (Italic)
Rocket No. 3 + 4, 12" (Italic)
Rocket No. 5 [+ 6], 12" (Italic)
Rocket No. 7 + 8, 12" (Italic)

Rocket No. 3 on Immer, CD (Kompakt)
Rocket Nr. 0, Rocket Nr. 2, Rocket Nr. 3, on Dancer - The Italic Collection, CD (Italic)

Landing CD (Background Records -Germany)
Alles Mainstream EP - 12" (Background Records)

Themes From Repeat, CD (ATC or "A Touch Of Class")
Pure Silver EP, 12" (A Touch Of Class)
A Deeper Ground, 12" (A Touch Of Class)
Private Life EP, 12" (A Touch Of Class)
Personal Soul EP, 12" (A Touch Of Class)
Backpool EP, 12" (A Touch Of Class)

SWIMMINGPOOL (with Michael Scheibenreiter) RELEASE
Anything That Doesn't Move CD (Combination - Germany)

POP UP (with Jörg Burger) RELEASES
Pop Up 1 (12"), Pop Up 2 (12"), Pop Up 3 (12") (Pop Up label is a joint project of Italic and The Popular Organization -Germany)

THE BAD EXAMPLES (Elektrotiki group including Schwander on piano) RELEASES
Slow Music CD (Ata Tak - Germany)
The River, the Night, the Moon, Temptation and You CD (Ata Tak)
Elektrotiki CD (Ata Tak)
Merino EP (Ata Tak)
Profis Like Us CD (Ata Tak)

Most of the above info is from the Discogs, Forced Exposure and Ata Tak websites.

- tom moody 5-27-2003 2:51 am

Pondering that name, Antonelli. I've gotten several searches for "Antonelli + Synthesizers" hitting my page so maybe its an obscure synth? The only thing I've found myself so far is an Antonelli Air-Organ, listed as a "toy/mini keyboard" on this page.
- tom moody 7-19-2003 5:26 am

he did one track on the quartett ep on level records as rhythm_maker.
- feilsch_hering 12-16-2004 1:06 am

Thanks--it's very pretty (from the clip). I need to update this post--looks like Discogs is doing a better job at keeping track of the releases.
- tom moody 12-16-2004 1:31 am