Revising "BitStreams" (a curatorial thought-experiment in progress)

"BitStreams" was the Whitney Museum's big "computer art" show in 2001. Like the Matthew Barney exhibit at the Guggenheim this year, it was an inexplicable hit with the general public but few artists I know (including many so-called computer artists) liked it. One problem was the curator tried to float a bunch of "discoveries" from the Bay Area and elsewhere that didn't measure up to the exacting standards of us rough, tough New Yorkers. The show suffered from a kind of mid-30-something parochialism, favoring a bunch of earnest data-crunchers the same approximate age as the curator over younger artists with a much more instinctive handle on the medium and also interesting pioneers, like Nancy Burson. And finally, it's tricky to include so-called pop culture in a so-called high art show but let's face it, there's stuff out there kicking the art world's sedentary ass. (George Bush helped word this post.) I wrote about the show here but continue to think of work that would have improved it. Some of the revisions below are tongue in cheek but most aren't:

John Klima ecosystm Joe McKay Color Game

DJ Spooky DJ Assault

Marina Rosenfeld Monotrona

Jeremy Blake videos Cory Arcangel Data Diaries and Clouds

Paintings "based on" the computer Paintings made with the computer


Paul Pfeiffer Paper Rad

Jason Salavon The Top Grossing Film of All Time Jason Salavon Golem

John Simon LoVid

Planet of the Apes with sod Planet of the Apes without sod

The Spacewürm Scanner

Lutz Bacher dealercam 100 random camgirls/guys - videowall - nudity

Sally Elesby mouse drawings Kristin Lucas mousepad drawings

Jim Campbell Ambiguous Icon #5 (Running Falling) BEIGE ASCII hotdogs

Richard Devine Dynamix II

Jordan Crandall Matt & Mike Chapman

Inez Van Lamsweerde Me Kissing Vinoodh (Passionately) and/or Jon "Clone Tool" Haddock's Kent State/Vietnam backgrounds Laura Carton erased p0rn images

Jon Haddock Sims Tributes Creepy Clown

etc etc

- tom moody 7-14-2003 11:04 am

Tom -

Looks great! Thanks -

- anonymous (guest) 7-28-2003 8:19 pm

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