Pres. Admits He Lied Us Into War
AP via NYT: President Bush on Wednesday accepted personal responsibility for a controversial portion of last winter's State of the Union address dealing with claims that Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear material in Africa. "I take personal responsibility for everything I say, absolutely,'' the president said at a White House news conference. Bush has been seeking to quell a controversy over a controversial claim that has dogged his administration for weeks.
So, now he's going to step down, right?

- tom moody 7-30-2003 11:45 pm

The dude (in the "dude ranch" sense of the word) was oh so glib. "Shucks, since I can't bullshit my way out this bind, I reckon I'll just trot out my straight shooter persona for a while. You want me to take responsibility for words that came out of my own mouth? Bring 'em on little lady."

transcript with audio and video
- mark 7-31-2003 11:40 pm

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