I'm posting this from Houston. I shipped myself down here inside the sarcophagus below, not anticipating that it would go directly into a glass case and I'd have to type by laptop-light. Actually, I'm lying, this picture was taken at the relatively new Museum of Fine Arts, one floor up from the imposing "donor wall," which features hundreds of names of wealthy Houstonians etched in granite. I'll have to redo this photo when I get back home; The Mac-based software I used to resize and "enhance" it left it a bit blurry. [UPDATE: I was able to tweak it a little more "on the road"--it's less fuzzy now.]

I'm on vacation, so I rented a brand new Mazda Protegé TM with air-conditioning and a working CD player. After 8 years of public transportation cattlecars back East I must say cruising up I-45 with German tech-house tick-ticking in the speakers was...so fine. I didn't even mind it when traffic slowed to a dead stop. I have a vague plan of going down to Padre Island, then up to the real ranch country west of the President's wimpy farm, then Dallas. We'll see what works out.

- tom moody 8-29-2003 10:04 am

That's not too many words in your itinerary but a lot of miles of driving, have some fun, I've noticed in recent travels that more people seem to be going the speed limit so watch that lead foot and if you need a couch on which to crash in Austin I could probably find you one on short notice.
- jimlouis 8-29-2003 3:38 pm

Thanks, Jim. My itinerary is relative-based: I have people, as they say, in all those locales. An aunt and uncle recently moved to Padre--all right! I'll be skirting the edge of the Hill Country and visiting cousins in the "cross timbers" region (Hamilton County), which used to be dense oak forest that slowed down settlers but is now more sparsely-vegetated ranchland. I have second cousins in Dallas, and one old friend who I can't convince to move out of that Baptist-motivational-speaker-titty-bar hellhole.
- tom moody 8-29-2003 9:03 pm

I think you'll need more hyphenization for Dallas but that's a pretty good start. And my mom's there if you want to hear an eight-five year old do Bush bashing. Bill's mom could probably do that too, and there's some really good rum we left there at Christmas. .
- jimlouis 8-30-2003 6:21 am

Erin's 93 year old grandmother named her catheter bag "George W."
- steve 8-30-2003 10:24 pm

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