Eric Fensler "remixes" GI Joe cartoons from the mid-'80s to make hilarious Quicktime movies. Using overdubbed sounds and cretinous adlibs, he turns the bland, conventional narratives of the cartoons into little spasms of dadaist nonsense. Part of the kick is the brevity; the clips are under 30 seconds and after some bit of barely comprehensible business, each ends with the same lame sample of studio vocalists singing "GI Joe!" Spliced-in street talk subverts the original cartoons' icky Hollywood multiculturalism (employed in the service of selling war toys). The cut and paste style and mock-ghetto ambience recalls the clip art ferocity of David Rees' Get Your War On, except this is much weirder. A Fensler interview with more GI Joes is here. (hat tip to Brian Turner)
Kids fry for no reason. (Click on images to load Quicktime movies.)
A surprise serenade leads to cross cultural understanding. (Caption on bottle: "Adult dosage.")
A Native American interrupts an argument.
UPDATE: According to metafilter and other sources, Fensler's vids aren't based on the cartoons proper but the public service announcements at the end called "Knowing is Half the Battle." I know, I should have known that. A couple more are here.

- tom moody 9-14-2003 3:51 am

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