Zerg Moderne, MSPaintbrush drawing, 2003.

- tom moody 10-05-2003 7:54 pm

Okay so when I saw this post, I figured there must be a genre here, easily tracable through Google Images: "starcraft artwork", "zerg.jpg" , "zergling.jpg", etc. etc. I found a few screen-grabs but not much else. Even then, the images posted seemed to emphasize a hard-shelled Alien-esque individual (as in the movie, Alien)(see: http://cgil.uoguelph.ca/sargas/starcraft.htm). But we know the Zerg amount to so much more! (fyi: I play nice clean Protos - this is pure respect, not some partisan rant) The Zerg are a slurpy, messy, farty brood of organisms. Not only that, they need a purple slimey 'creep' to live on! how icky-artsy is that? anyhow. I spent too many precious moments digging around, and I didn't find any art online that rivalled this nice abstract incapsulation of zerg-ness. Even when I searched for "hive_cluster. jpg".
- sally 10-09-2003 8:01 am

I was trying to envision what well-educated cosmopolitan zergs might have on the walls of their hives and figured whatever it was, it'd look like a Picasso. (Actually I did the drawing first and made the zerg connection later.) I did some research after the fact and found this great model of a Zerg Mound, by Kenneth Hutchison. I love the photo documentation, too; kind of a multiple-perspective, compound-eye thing.

- tom moody 10-09-2003 8:41 am

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