- tom moody 10-13-2003 2:15 am

Did you draw that? You know I'd really really like my own New York showings Mister Warhol Bowie. Prepare to be stunned by one of my computer arted pics (without a computer, I can't draw a line)...I-I can't draw feet though, it's something I'm working on...damn..

- Philip Shropshire 10-14-2003 7:19 am

Or there's my Winona Ryder tribute here. I demand my New York showing! Yes it's true I can't draw feet or hands! That never stopped Jeff Jones...!

- Philip Shropshire 10-14-2003 7:22 am

This thread is taking increasingly longer to load, but well worth the wait. Nice works.
- jimlouis 10-14-2003 5:24 pm

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