Mercer Street - 2
Trees - 0

The wind blew down a big tree across the street from my apartment. It completely crushed a late-model sporty car that had the misfortune of parking beneath it. A couple of months ago, I watched aghast as some lame-ass utility contractors (for PSE&G, according to a neighbor) cut through the roots of that same tree to put in a new pipe. They loosened it just enough; today their negligence bore fruit. That's the second tree down on the block this year, not counting recently planted saplings that got scraped to death by who knows what.

- tom moody 10-15-2003 10:47 pm

Tree 1
Car 0

as of this am, tree gone, crushed car still there. toms response to frequently asked question "that your car?": "would we be laughing if that was our car!?" heh heh heh

- bill 10-16-2003 8:20 pm

A PSE&G guy was out there yesterday surveying the damage to the underground power lines. I walked over and let him have it: "Your subcontractors negligently cut the tree roots! PSE&G could have killed someone! What if someone had been sitting in that car?" He said, "Hey, if you're gonna attack me I'm not gonna talk to you." I told him the stump was evidence of the cutting and sarcastically suggested he might want to haul it away before the City inspects it. I notice it's still there this morning. I wasn't particularly nice to the guy, but hey, he works for a monopoly. It's not like we can get power elsewhere to boycott the company's sloppy, dangerous work.

Oh yeah--when my across the street neighbor asked the PSE&G contractor not to cut the tree roots they told him, in so many words, to fuck off.
- tom moody 10-16-2003 8:56 pm

My neighbor says PSE&G'ers were outside working on the site till 3:30 am, and still aren't finished. Apparently when the city work crews yanked the tree out of the ground a bunch of wires came with it. "Hey, what are these?" So there is some justice. Also, the car owner took pictures of the stump and is considering suing the utility contractor.
- tom moody 10-16-2003 11:38 pm

chaos costs $$$$$$$$$$$$
- bill 10-16-2003 11:53 pm

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