Below: C-level's Endgame: Waco Resurrection at the Kitchen. Players wear plastic polygonal David Koresh heads, and guide the onscreen Koresh around the burning compound, saving souls and shooting Feds. The inside of the virtual compound is exquisitely mapped with lots of plywood paneling, pile carpet, and Davidian women in pantsuits. Periodically Koresh lifts his rifle heavenward in an ecstatic gesture; at the spoken command "Gunshow!" an arsenal of weapons appears around him like a ring of holy fire. All my reservations are still intact after seeing the game live and fooling around with the interface.

- tom moody 10-17-2003 7:41 am

I also donned the Koresh head last night and tried my hand. As a beta verison of a first person shooter created on volunteer time in only 3.5 months it plays pretty nicely. All the Waco content disappears once you get the head on, and you are just trying to win. A few things were disappointing: the c-level boys failed to get the multiplayer network up and running for the opening, so you couldn't compete against the other Koresh avatars. Major bummer. Also they need a map feature so you can figure out where the hell the chapel is. I noted the psy-ops(sp?) blaring of Nancy Sinatra. Part of the game, part of the real stand-off. Resonates unpleasantly with US troops playing jazz while bulldozing Iraqi orchards. How many other times has the state used music as a psychological weapon? creeeepy and scary and sad. On the other hand, c-level's game was pretty much just silly and fun.
- sally 10-17-2003 7:18 pm

the fire trucks on 2nd street/ave c used to blast the "apocalypse now" Wagner piece back in the early 80's to scare the hell out of the dealers/junkies and regular folks in the area enroute to fires and keyfoods shopping trips.
- bill 10-17-2003 7:33 pm

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