My dream is that we'll pull out of Iraq, soon, and that George Bush will be judged a miserable failure and consequently lose the next election. He'll then have to go back to the Midland Racquet Club, and spend the rest of his life tapping his friends on the shoulder and saying, "We gave'em a hell of a run, didn't we?" while they pretend to listen.

Well, if we can't have that (yet), let's settle for Bush's Dad giving a public service award to Ted Kennedy, who recently called the Iraq war a "fraud." Talk about a vote of no confidence from the Pops! I wonder, do they sit around at Kennebunkport making stupid small talk under Bar's authoritarian eye, and then return to their respective mansions and bicker via broad symbolic gestures? How did we get in the middle of this weird family's dysfunctional arguments? Anyway, if Junior's angry, and therefore one step closer to a (preferably non-nuclear) meltdown, we should all be happy.

- tom moody 10-20-2003 12:33 pm

In my pre-war anti-war rants I pointed out to pro-war folks that Jr. was undermining G.H.W. Bush's legacy*. Nice to get some confirmation on this.

*Cloaking hegemony in internationalist clothing.
- mark 10-20-2003 10:37 pm

The Elder Bush may be getting senile or bipolar in his old age. First his presidential library gives Iraq war critic Ted Kennedy an award, and now this news story has him "fighting back tears" defending his son in front of a bunch of Texas oilmen. The drubbing Junior's getting in the press over the Iraq war "offends" and "hurts" the old man. All I can say is suffer, MoFo.

- tom moody 4-01-2004 4:43 am

Wow, if I criticize Bush the Lesser, it makes Bush the Elder cry? Coooool.

"Vote for me or my daddy will cry"
- mark 4-02-2004 12:34 am

And Bush Sr. calling other people "elite?"
- mark 4-02-2004 1:49 am

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