Update on the New Jersey Wasteland Tour. (Take the tour--). The house in Slide 1 is gone--demolished. The pedestrian bridge over Morris Canal (Slide 4) has new planking but otherwise looks the same. The "cul-de-sac" road that cuts like a rusty knife through what used to be a pleasant grassy area (Slide 5) is still under construction; hardly any work has been done on it. Mount Liberty (Slide 8) has been flattened and used as fill dirt for a new section of Liberty State Park called the Grove of Remembrance--presumably for 9/11 victims; there's no marker, only a few flimsy signs telling you not to walk on the grass. The Grove has a beautiful raw marbly boulder plopped down inside one of the circular walkways, though--I ogled it for a long time. The state moved the "hazardous materials" fence (Slide 7) further south to provide land for the Grove: I guess the acreage isn't hazardous anymore! Lastly, the exterior of the new Goldman Sachs tower (visible in Slide 11) is finished; everything else looks as it did in January.

- tom moody 11-29-2003 1:08 am

yes it is a hot tour! Too bad about Mount Liberty. january in Jersey looks pretty nice. My friends and I (all adults) used to go hang out in a couple of abandoned acres we called 'the lot'. If you'd never been past the fence you would think that it was full of used needles but for some reason it wasn't. It was full of a weird indigenous plant - that I forget the name of - that looked prehistoric with a big phallic spire and furry leaves. The site used to be some sort of factory and there were stashes of really pretty molten glass blobs in amongst the rubble, weeds and tires. Kestrels hunted there and people abandonded interesting batches of junk to poke through. Now it's just a truly inane row of press-board townhouses, trying desperately to look chi-chi as they sag and buckle underneath their bric-a-brac trim.
- sally mckay 11-30-2003 1:15 am [add a comment]

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