jimpunk at 544x378 WebTV remixed my atom .gif, so I re-remixed it.

UPDATE: A couple more iterations are in the comments.

- tom moody 6-05-2004 2:45 am

The saga continues--jimpunk's re-re-remix:

jimpunk molecule 2

- tom moody 6-05-2004 8:27 pm

your intellectual property is mashed up.
- bill 6-05-2004 9:27 pm

all your atoms is belong to the net
- mark 6-06-2004 8:57 pm

i like the first one. the second one is just too noisy and nonsensical.
- anonymous (guest) 6-07-2004 7:05 am

Well, you may not like this one either, where I've turned the amp up to "eleven":

Atom w Trails jimpunk 2

- tom moody 6-07-2004 8:04 am

yeah, baby! digging the breakdown. Atoms make good subject matter for this sort of graphic spelunking.
- sally mckay 6-07-2004 8:10 am

goes with all kinds of music, too
- anonymous (guest) 6-10-2004 9:59 pm

I slowed this down from .05 seconds to .1 seconds per frame. IE was a slowing it down anyway and I got sort of used to that speed:

Atom w Trails jimpunk

- tom moody 6-27-2004 5:29 pm

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