Leif Ritchey Installation

I went back to look at the "Infinite Fill Show" today and took some more pictures; I'll be putting them up gradually. This one came out blurry and I feel in all good conscience I should reshoot it, but I'm posting it anyway. It's an installation by Leif Ritchey, very easy to overlook down at your feet, in a corner. Yes, it's a zen rock garden with a black and white pine cone, beans, and raked sand, an elegant (but still somewhat lowbrow) counterpoint to all the digital brut up at eye-level. Ritchey's an analog guy, and I've been playing his video "Flatbush Windows" over and over and showing it to friends. I found it on the Nautical Almanac-related compilation Eyes of the Mind (which I've been meaning to write about--it's awesome). The video is as understated as this piece--grainy bits of one-step-removed footage shot off an awkwardly framed TV screen, depicting trees blowing in the wind, people walking up and down the sidewalk, clunky jump cuts of a pair of women's shoes (decorated with beads? I have to watch it again), with a soundtrack of jazz and quiet techno that's somewhat tinny, like it's wafting in from another room. The best kind of Cagean work, strangely gripping for being so ephemeral.

- tom moody 8-04-2004 5:04 am

Ritchey's little out-of-the-way garden looks good. Funny it's something I would more likely expect to see this way [Japan -ed.]--a little toy car navigating the bump of a door-jam kindly had someone, the artist set up little ramps on each side for easier traveling, or a quirky work of Tokyo artist Pol Malo--you can see an image here (image 1) is great but maybe you have to know that these mirrors are a girl's best friend. If it's not a keitai in their face it's one of these mirrors. The fourth image (image 4) has a more universal feel, and may be a neat little counter-part to Ritchey's Zen-wack.

Just driving through, thought I'd pop in.

- brent (guest) 8-04-2004 1:31 pm

do you have a link for the video?

- anonymous (guest) 10-24-2004 6:24 am

The Eyes of the Mind VHS tape, including Ritchey's piece, is offered for sale on Nautical Almanac's site here. I highly recommend it.
- tom moody 10-24-2004 6:43 am

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