Rot Gut

If I'm sympathetic to the New Dumb Little Painting genre it's because I've done my share of them over the years. Here's one from '91: Rot Gut, acrylic on canvas, 10 X 8 inches, currently hanging in the Louvre in Paris, France.

- tom moody 9-23-2004 4:48 am

Although I don't mind a few New Dumb Little Paintings here and there (some of them can be pretty cute) I'm not as sympathetic as you or Jerry Saltz are to the genre. I'm actually more mystifyed by the continued proliferation of the form and view it as one more sign that we are really in the midst of a mannerist period.

Tom, could you provide some of your great insight and explain what you think is important about this genre?
- Aaron Yassin (guest) 9-25-2004 5:54 am

"mannerist period" ... hah. thanks Aaron, I agree and it's nice to have that phrased so succinctly.
- sally mckay 9-25-2004 6:13 am

Rot Gut...mannerist? Ha. This and other libels will be addressed in a post soon. (I'm at work now.)

- tom moody 9-25-2004 6:46 am

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