Harry Callahan Photo '57

Via bloggy, Christie's, and Sir Reggie Dwight's collection comes this Harry Callahan image, titled Collage, Chicago, 1957, a small gelatin silver print. An uneducated guess is these are superimposed negatives of an array of photos spread out on Callahan's wall or floor (which may or may not actually have been glued together in real space). Interesting the way the photo picks up the rhythms of the Abstract Expressionist painting of the time--e.g. Mark Tobey, Bradley Walker Tomlin. Back then this was was just considered "art" but now we see it as all of a piece with 50s textile design and magazine illustration. What will the "art of today" be all of a piece with, I wonder?

- tom moody 9-25-2004 10:21 pm

all-over all over again. I thought textile too at first glance. great image. i found several examples of callahans abstract work. he seems to have taken quite a few different approaches over a lifetime including multiple exposures. here is a very pixilated vogue collage c. 1956

" Many of his experiments involve layered images, distortion, or manipulations of focus and contrast, such as Collage, Chicago, 1957, which features hundreds of clippings from magazines. Callahan had known the architect Mies van der Rohe when they were on the ID faculty together, and van der Rohe's predilections for simplified form that was also generalized and abstract mirrored his own. Influenced by van der Rohe, Callahan created a series of multiple exposures of architectural subjects typified by Chicago (ca. 1948). "

- bill 9-25-2004 10:48 pm

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