I try not to watch any more TV news than I have to, but I gather from the blogosphere ripples that the cable gasbags are going on about John Kerry's use of the word "lesbian." This is just rampant homophobia, and its real purpose is to deflect attention from what we all saw and heard the past couple of weeks, which was John Kerry kicking George Bush's unprepared, possibly medicated ass all over the states of Florida, Missouri, and Arizona. Said gasbags love George Bush, and they've been talking up his assured victory until it became abundantly clear to everyone in the world that when placed side by side with an actual grownup with no handlers to help him (except through that earpiece, which he used poorly) he is by far the lesser qualified candidate. How about that spit at the corner of his mouth in the third debate? And that weird phony smile? Because I haven't been cattle prodded into thinking about the latest faux controversy, those images of a bad dude in free fall are still burned into my mind.

- tom moody 10-15-2004 9:12 pm

Edwards brought up Cheney's daughter in the preceeding Veep debate when the topic of gay marriage was discussed. Just as forthright, something like, "as many know, the Vice Presidents daughter is gay..." and then the rest of his point. Cheney didn't react or say to Edwards he felt that was an inappropriate reference/remark (to me anyway it looked like he nodded in agreement). Cheney could have said something then or the Repuglican spin/attack machine shortly thereafter. Nothing. It came out, as it is, a fact. Cheney's daughter is a high profile lesbian and is managing her dad's campaign ops. This post-Kerry remark attack is just an attempt to grasp that pathetic straw away from Kerry/Edwards and turn it against them somehow - appeal to people that don't like gays but latch on to the construct of Kerry as someone with no respect for private family matters to score political advantage. Its beyond surreal.
- SHM (guest) 10-16-2004 1:34 am

It's a mildy interesting, but ultimately time consuming distraction from more important issues, e.g. Iranian terrorists smuggling poisoned V14gr4 from Canada to the US, Bush lying about his "Osama bin Forgotten" state of mind, the growing chaos in Iraq, the fact that Bush tacitly accepted that we are the world's police force in debate 2, or ....

While having lunch at a pizza joint yesterday, I was talking to some coworkers about how badly Bush sucks. Someone at the next table must not have appreciated my tone, and loudly said to his peeps "Well, I didn't watch the debates, but I heard Kerry said something really nasty about Mary Cheney." I was tempted to chime in with something ... perhaps sarcastic and obscene, perhaps insightful and conciliatory. In the end, I just ignored him.
- mark 10-16-2004 3:27 am

I think if Kerry had said "gay" this issue wouldn't have the traction it's had. It's unfortunately that's what it comes down to--the Seinfeldian nuance that "lesbian" still has salacious, Howard Stern-like connotations while "gay" has moved into the mainstream. Which is not to say Dick isn't two-faced--though it does seem like Lynne, not he, initially led the outrage brigade after Kerry's "gaffe."
- tom moody 10-16-2004 3:41 am

I am more interested in the obvious fact that in the 2nd masturdebate Dubya was pretty high on something, probably cocaine or some extasy derivative. The look on his face was pretty spacey-glazed most of the time and he clenched his jaws a whole lot, plus he hopped around and screamed like a meth-freak on a psycho meltdown tantrum. Anyone with any kind of experience with either coke or X, or with users of said drugs, can very easily see that Dubya was pretty fucked up just by the looks on his face, his "nutcase eyes", his clenchey jaws, and his manic behaviour... aside from the turds that constantly fall out of his mouth. As for the gay stuff, if Big Dick did not want people to point out the obvious public fact that his daughter is a lesbian, they should shove her off the campaign and back in the closet.
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 10-16-2004 4:35 am

Oh yeah, I forgot to comment on the meds. And of course the lesbian thing is a total distraction. One last thing on that though - a good friend who hates Shrub and who has turned off the debates/horserace heard the "lesbian story" through her father (an uber republican with a gay brother (priest!!) and lesbian daughter - my friends sister), and was mad at Kerry. Sure, she should be skeptical enough to dig but its is a prime example of how that tactic was supposed to work. I filled her in. As for the meds - Propanolol for sure along with Cylert or maybe Ritalin, and something trippy/mildly dissociative.
- SHM (guest) 10-16-2004 7:13 am

For Pat Buchanan, the problem with "lesbian" is not that it's salacious but that it's a "cold, hard word," and Kerry's use of it is like "saying ... 'my friend's daughter had an abortion.'" What a delicate flower he is. So, it's the word, combined with people only half-following politics that think Kerry outed Mary Cheney, that's the source of the "outrage."
- tom moody 10-16-2004 10:08 pm

I was checking out your site pretty heavily, AK, and may have blown your bandwidth. It looks great. The photos are terrific. You made the State Fair look like the Seventh Circle of Hell. So many fat people on motorized carts!
- tom moody 10-17-2004 3:35 am

Thanks, Tom, I did not check back on this page until now, but I really appreciate it.
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 11-05-2004 8:44 am

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