My predecessor Eyebeam reBlogger Beverly Tang has posted photos from her summer roadtrip, from the West Coast to Tennessee and back. My favorite are her shots of skies and sunsets from the moving car, particularly on the Arizona and Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas parts of the trip. They're crisp, striking images in terms of pure old-fashioned photographic values, but they also conjure for me the loneliness of that part of the country, where I lived and drove for years--places where some days the sky is the only thing happening (that and cafeteria shootings).

- tom moody 10-18-2004 10:03 am

thanx tom. the vastness of the skies of arizona (and most of the states with plains) is definitely the highlight of that whole area, especially during road trips. loneliness does not get any better than that.
- bev (guest) 10-19-2004 3:55 am

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