Quilt 2

Quilt 2 color

Another computer-augmented sketch of an Early 20th C. quilt design. Still working on the colors on that bottom one. In the actual quilt there was no repetition of color--the only thing unvarying was the pattern (as seen in the black and white sketch).

- tom moody 10-21-2004 2:07 am

"Here's a story John Cohen tells about Harry Smith, the avant-garde filmmaker, beatnik polymath and ethnomusicologist who died in 1991. In the mid-1940s, Smith visited Sara Carter, lead singer for the original Carter Family and the first First Lady of country music. Smith photographed her quilts, looking for correlations between names of patchwork patterns and titles of Carter Family songs, such as "Diamonds in the Rough."

- bill 10-21-2004 2:40 am

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