Deborah Solomon's cutesy but miserable slam-interviews in the New York Times Magazine always take a little something out of your day. This week she talks to inept ex-CIA analyst Kenneth Pollack, who has a book out. In the runup to the Iraq debacle the debates on the liberal side came down to whether one believed former UN inspector Scott Ritter that Iraq had no WMDs, or Pollack's scare stories that Saddie the Baddie was going to nuke the Saudi oil fields and launch Armageddon. Here's Pollack now, sounding kind of flip about being so wrong (assuming it's not Solomon jiggering the quotes):
In your new book, ''The Persian Puzzle: The Conflict Between Iran and America,'' you seem to have abandoned your hawkish stance. Your last one, ''The Threatening Storm,'' helped persuade many reluctant Democratic policy makers to support the invasion of Iraq.

I made a mistake based on faulty intelligence. Of course, I feel guilty about it. I feel awful.

It's nice to hear at least one American say that he's sorry.

I'm sorry; I'm sorry!
Sorry really isn't good enough here, Ken. Instead of doing your book tour, why don't you spend some time in Iraq, say, helping medics sew kids' arms back on?

- tom moody 10-25-2004 10:30 am

Give Mr. Bush a second round--don't mix up the issues. Don' t let there be another fall guy.
- anonymous (guest) 10-26-2004 6:45 pm

If by a "second round" you mean a round of drinks, ok, maybe, but he will have to buy it himself...but oh, wait, he's a "dry drunk". If you mean another 4 years for him to royally fuck up like he has constantly done in his first (and hopefully ONLY) term, HELL NO!
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 10-28-2004 1:18 am

No more mexed missages!
- mark 10-28-2004 2:04 am

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