Steve Gilliard tells us not to sweat the election because the turnout is high, but I can't help it. Those red state numbers just turn my stomach. I'm sad to say that people I know and love support the radical right-winger over the moderate conservative. Amazing that anyone could look at those Abu Ghraib photos and say, "Yep, that's my guy!" Amazing that anyone could watch the three debates and say "Well, I think the President comported himself well, don't you?" The man was flying off the handle, drooling, smiling that what they want in leader? Scary times. Sorry, I'm freaking out tonight.

- tom moody 11-03-2004 6:41 am

I'm remaining optimistic about Ohio and Michigan. But even with a Kerry win, it's clear that half the country is fucking idiots.

We have some German interns at work, and they just don't understand. And I'm not sure what to tell them.
- mark 11-03-2004 6:49 am

I am right with you tom moody. I am still optimistic, but even that it is seemingly so close, what does it say about this country? I wasn't believing the polls that it was so close. And talking with friends in other countries.. well, it is awfully hard to explain this split. Do we really live in such a bubble? Who are these people? I thought I lived here.
- selma 11-03-2004 6:59 am

Michigan starting to look good. It's down to Ohio.
- mark 11-03-2004 7:11 am

yep down to Ohio. whats NH waiting for?
- bill 11-03-2004 7:19 am

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