The following statement by anonymous sums up my feelings pretty well:
An open message to those who re-elected Bush:

You are accountable for each flag draped coffin returning home from Iraq and explaining "Why?"
You are accountable for aiding the ambition and incentive of those newly drawn to the ideology and practice of terrorism.
You are accountable for alienating our friends and allies abroad and for fostering the recent, prevalent, and probably lasting image of America as an arrogant, petulant, trigger happy nation that is the leading global arms supplier and overextended global cop with a pathetic commander in chief and a hollow culture.
You are accountable for explaining to those abroad the reasons for America's contravention and disregard for international law, rules of diplomacy, and utter hypocrisy in how it chooses to demonstrate its "commitment" to democracy abroad, moral leadership, and leadership by example.
You are accountable for many of the dollars added to our national debt.
You are accountable for what will become a Supreme Court similar to the one that brought us "separate but equal."
You are accountable for the historic disproportion and concentration in wealth and poverty.
You are accountable for a new standard in "anything goes in order to win" electoral tactics, and the unprecedented fusion of political calculus into domestic and international policy.
You are accountable for abetting state sponsored religion and eroding the founding principle of separation of church and state.
You are accountable for unfettered corporate and commercial encroachment into the civic sphere and for failure to curb corporate misbehavior and corporate goals that privatize benefits but socialize costs.
You are accountable for not better preparing the massive generation of future retirees less equipped to fend for themselves.
You are accountable for the increasing millions without healthcare.
You are accountable for the results of an unfunded mandate to "leave no child behind" and a public education system that will continue to deteriorate and produce millions more of poorly educated, disaffected, cynical youth.
You are accountable for the erosion of things that used to be considered "public goods," the use granted privilege by the state and its citizens to operate as such (public goods other than national security, of course).
You are accountable for unparalled social divisiveness insofar as much of it results from the above.
You are accountable for just being plain fucking stupid, lazy, bound to dogma, crass, and/or unable to reason beyond fears, prejudice, and susceptibility to social pressures and patent manipulation.
Obviously we are all accountable. There is an added burden on those supporting the last four years and the four years hence.
God help us all - but especially those on the islands within the island that this country wants to pretend to be.

- tom moody 11-04-2004 1:19 am

Come on, Tom. These kinds of shrill blanket recriminations get us nowhere. I appreciate that the bile will be flowing for a while (I have some of my own), but the real work will be in forming alternative visions over the next 4 years, not in sitting back, spitting hate rays at people who disagree with you.
- Cinque H. 11-04-2004 6:58 pm

I think we need to be very clear about the stakes. Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Jerry Falwell, Bill Bennet and Paul Wolfowitz know exactly what they want to achieve. Let's not pretend we're having a polite disagreement, because that sort of pretense equals surrender.
- mark 11-04-2004 7:47 pm

The reason Dumbyass won is because there are so many fat, stupid, ugly choads who watch WWF and NASCAR, who "eat Atkins", who are so-called "Christian" idiots who jack-off to the thought of "The Battle of Armageddon", and who believe that lying Dumbyass really means it whenever a turd falls out of his mouth with "Jesus" written on it. These are the kinds of assholes who believe that Jews are "God's Chosen People" but still believe that they are going to hell cuz they "don't accept Christ", and who believe that we have to get them all to move to Israel so "The Antichrist" can come kill most of them off, so the rest can become "Christians". These are the kinds of retards who made the "Left Behind Series" ("Christian Zionist" End-of-the-World mind-control brainwashing poison) the number-one best seller for months because they bought it from the prominent displays at Sam's Club and WAL*MART. These are the kinds of scum who think that Hummers are "bad ass". America is chock-full of dumbed-down homunculuses who are actively creating and reveling in their own demise and I will be laughing my ass off while gleefully screaming "I TOLD YOU SO" when they get what they so richly deserve.... I just hope that I can stay out of they way when it happens. Until sane people can come to grips with the fact that the average "Evangelical Christian" is really just a socially functional LUNATIC ROBOT, and not really concious human beings, then nothing good will ever come of our situation. The majority of Americans have proved that they are nothing more than the Enemies of the Human Race. I can't wait for them to all get Mad Cow disease!
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 11-04-2004 8:30 pm

``I've earned capital in this election and I'm going to spend it for what I've told the people I'd spend it on,'' he said. [today]

- bill 11-04-2004 8:52 pm