Well, this is encouraging. This is what the electoral map would look like if only young people voted:

Young Voter Map

As the Daily Kos poster who found this says:
The reality is that Bush won by increasing his support in every age group above 30, adding SEVEN POINTS in the 60+ bracket alone over 2000.

Luckily for America, old people die. If we can maintain our edge with young voters and hold on to those we've got as they get older, the right wing revolution will come to an end four years from now.

The only question is whether or not we can hold the line and keep a country worth fighting for until then.

- tom moody 11-05-2004 4:07 am

Thirty years ago young people reasoned that when they came into power drugs would be legal and war mongering would die out with the paleolithic war mongers. I reckon the map would have looked about the same in 1970. So many of those free-loving, pot-smoking hippies grew up and became Republicans.
- steve 11-07-2004 7:50 pm

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