My first compositional efforts using the SidStation synth, playing the notes in a notation program I downloaded called Harmony Assistant. I'm having fun, don't kid me too much.

"Funky Mountain Lake" [mp3 removed] The SidStation played "acappella," using the Lillhagen patch. I like the way the patch never seems to do the same thing twice--it always seems on the verge of breaking down or going seriously out of tune. And that it can add syncopation to a fairly clinical series of notes (see below) is amazing.

"Mountain Lake (Not Funky)" [mp3 removed] This is sort of a bonus track. It's the exact same sequence of notes used for "Funky Mountain Lake." The "lead" is the SidStation using the Autorepeat patch. I added another staff below it playing the same tune, using a kind of cheesy Harmony Assistant sound called Synthpad/Fantasia. This is unabashed Tangerine Dream/Phil Glass stuff, thrown in mainly to show how the Lillhagen patch utterly transforms the notes.

My complete musical works in .mp3 form are here.

- tom moody 11-07-2004 9:24 am

I like em, especially "Funky Mountain Lake"... it reminds me a little of the "random" waveform on my Moog Rogue.
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 11-09-2004 8:16 pm

Thanks. I've reversed to the order of the tracks and made "Mountain Lake (Not Funky)" a bonus track. The notes were originally written for the Lillhagen patch, so I could hear what it does, but I was surprised when I played them "straight" and they turned from a kind of bent blues riff to this Philip Glass thing.
- tom moody 11-09-2004 8:50 pm

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