Atom Spiral Screenshot

Above is a screen shot for an animated .GIF of mine that I saved as a 3.32 MB Quicktime movie. It depicts the growth of endorphins in a test subject watching Wheel of Fortune with his relatives at Thanksgiving (not really, I just put that in as a grant-friendly soundbite). Click here to view. One orange sphere is an "anomaly."

- tom moody 11-28-2004 8:21 am

regarding your harry nilsson rant... i guess they don't call you moody for nothin'. after harry nilsson's money manager, Cindy Sims, stole everything from him and was sentenced to prison, Harry was forced to try to sell some of his songs for commericals... it doesn't surprise me that his songs are still being used now in commercials... after his fortune was stolen.

harry singing a ban deodorant ad...

- anonymous (guest) 11-30-2004 1:18 am

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