Below: Duncan Hannah, from a show last spring at JG Contemporary/James Graham & Sons, New York, a painting based on one of the photos in Antonioni's Blowup. Hannah is of the '80s appropriation generation but never got his due as a theoretical painter--he's too low key and modest in his artful (and oddly affectless) borrowings and montagings of old magazine illustrations and movie photos. Nevertheless he keeps working and showing, a kind of rootless, misunderstood existence in the uptown-style painting galleries. He has his cult, but deserves broader appreciation.

Duncan Hannah

- tom moody 12-17-2004 8:50 am

Years ago I met the artist at Modernism, SF, where he had a show. This must have been.... 20 years ago. I have followed him since and have loved everything I've seen.
- eva 12-23-2004 9:23 pm

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