Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

Bush Walking 2

Some scary shit found on Digby's site, with lyrics to match ("We doin' big pimpin, we spendin' cheese / We doin' big pimpin' up in DC"). I've been trying to have a moratorium on Bush images because I think even the satirical ones just add to his cult, but this one belongs in the horror hall of fame. The American Ghaddafi? Russian mobster? A friend says he looks awfully prissy for a cowboy.

- tom moody 12-20-2004 10:17 am

Think that cop's got a woddy?
- joester 12-21-2004 1:22 am

Congrats go out to George W. on being named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" for the second time. Hitler only managed to pull it off once. Kudos!!!!
- Kevin (guest) 12-21-2004 2:10 am

- bill 12-21-2004 2:25 am

What was he thinking when he got dressed that morning? He does look like quite the dictator. But please Kevin! I am sooooo tired of the Bush/Hitler thing! Such hyperboles lost Kerry the election!
- maudeline (guest) 12-21-2004 8:39 pm

All I'm saying is if the jackboot fits... And besides, hyperboles didn't cost Kerry the election. What cost him the election is that most of the people that voted don't even know what a hyperbole is, let alone be able to spell it.
- Kevin (guest) 12-22-2004 3:26 am

Uh huh, they are just plain stupid? What a myth THAT is. Perhaps you are lacking experience with the diversity that is America? Can I assume you are also comfortable with trailer park jokes? What snobbery.

Oh, and by the way, my sassy and brilliant NYC GED students, almost all of whom voted for Kerry, "didn't even know what a hyperbole is, let alone be able to spell it" until I taught it to them. Would you use your same inane deduction with this group?

- maudeline (guest) 12-22-2004 5:53 am

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