Above, an image by Alex Wilson, from a page presenting his last 24 years of Christmas Cards. Moving from pagan to secular idolatry, Alex also found this photo of the Joe Louis Memorial in Detroit, which I would characterize as "Giacometti meets Diego Rivera meets Sun Ra":

Joe Louis Memorial

Plus maybe Dawn of the Dead. I mean, that's a severed arm, right? This is where a little Modernism gets us in trouble.

UPDATE: D'oh, just realized this was by Robert Graham, a sort of classicist-minimalist (or minimalist-classicist) dude who specializes in detached, fetishized bodies and body parts--often of toned young females.

- tom moody 12-23-2004 12:30 am

hola, saw your address in art in america and so i am checking out your site. looks pretty nice. check out my new little site if you get a moment: www.39forks.com good luck to you, scott wayne inidiana
- scott wayne indiana 12-23-2004 10:40 am

Thanks for the link Tom. As far as the Joe Louis sculpture goes, despite an incident of apparently racially motivated defacement, it seems to be one of those rare cases of successful contemporary public art. Personally, I crack up every time I see it; comic-book modern… and it’s right across the street from a Noguchi plaza.
- alex 12-23-2004 3:14 pm

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