Traveling for the Christmas holidays, as Bill O'Reilly would call them. Got to spend 6 hours in the best place in the world: the Atlanta airport. Plane supposed to depart at 7:22 pm left at 12:40 am. These are pictures from the last swing though this carpeted Valhalla, in 2003. New, similar shots coming soon.

- tom moody 12-25-2004 12:40 am

Gee, it's neat what happens to people when they stop smoking.

- Aaron Yassin (guest) 12-25-2004 12:43 am

This is a really sad picture. Obesity costs this country billions each year, not counting depression and mental illnesses that are exasperated by an unhealthy body. A campaign of simple diet and exercise is desperately needed in this country and is surely one way to bring down health insurance costs.
- bea (guest) 12-25-2004 5:58 am

look! they're wearing red, white, and blue.

merry christmas!
- anonymous (guest) 12-26-2004 1:18 am

your valhalle mention makes me hear "ride of the valkyries" when I see the luggage toters....
- anonymous (guest) 12-27-2004 5:29 pm

an american corporate culturally endemic epidemic.

- bill 12-28-2004 3:34 am

We need to focus on health in this country, as opposed to brittany spears hot body culture. I feel a lot of empathy for the struggles of the obese as food is just one of many things people turn to in order to mask depression. Funny how obesity is so horrifying to many of us, while a quiet little coke problem by the hot ad exec is put in an entirely different category, depending on who you are.
- maude (guest) 12-28-2004 6:24 am

Still it is much more acceptable to criticize a too-skinny woman than a fat one, while the fact remains that more people are getting seriously ill due in a myriad of ways to being over rather than under weight.
- eva 12-30-2004 12:58 am

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