Atlanta airport 12-23-04

Atlanta airport 12-23-04 2

Atlanta airport, December 23, 2004. Delta flight took off 5 1/2 hours later than scheduled.

- tom moody 12-28-2004 4:20 am

Interesting travel pictures. They have the feeling of photographer as documenter of some other culture. The kind of pictures I probably took when I traveled through South America and the Middle East. The crew cut, the wrinkles on the back of the head, the focus on a huge middle-aged belly and a yellow shirt with an unfathomable pattern - all demonstrable images of this culture that the photographer is not a part of and is perhaps somewhat repulsed and intriqued by. Definitely no attempt to romaticize.
- maude (guest) 12-28-2004 6:40 am

Difficult to romanticize the Atlanta airport experience. One theme of these and earlier pics seems to be that random optical sampling techniques, among others, also indicate that the U.S. citizenry is kinda chunky. Cinnabon anyone?
- anonymous (guest) 12-28-2004 11:40 pm

What do you mean by "random optical sampling techniques"? I'm out of touch with artspeak. It doesn't seem to be random to me, or am I missing something? Do you mean the snapshotty quality?

These photos really are fascinating to me. Definitely a "Cinabon" experience, but the viewpoint of the photographer is intriguing in a cultural sort of way. Kind of a "I'm like you but not like you at all" statement. 'm assuming the photographer is white and American, I dunno, the photos just feel white to me, in a white American's reflective moment of other white Americans and a repulsion/attraction to the differences/similarities.

- maude (guest) 12-29-2004 2:13 am

What, a Delta flight late? I pitty Delta employees, at least the flight crew. Being a pilot myself, i usually get to visit the commanding crew. They are every single time corteous and nice, often victims of bad flight management...
- Quase 12-29-2004 8:41 am

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