Two Videos:


"Exit Maurice" (Quicktime video) [10.5 MB .mp4]

Dancin2 Mov Capture small

"Dancin' (Please Register)" (Quicktime video) [9.5 MB .mp4]

The first one plays as it loads, and the second one loads first, then plays, at least on my browser. Because of different software companies? (You could also right-click or option-click and save.)

- tom moody 1-07-2005 10:30 pm

Right now, both links are going to "Exit Maurice" - which, BTW is fantastic.
- Michael Bell-Smith (guest) 1-07-2005 10:55 pm

yeah, those are both great.
- paul (guest) 1-07-2005 11:00 pm

Thanks to both of you (link fixed now). That's very encouraging. I made them both a few weeks ago.
- tom moody 1-07-2005 11:18 pm

nice! (I like the dots one best)
- sally mckay 1-08-2005 12:17 am

How do you see "Dancin' (Please Register)" in relation to these kinds of things?

(maybe I'll watermark all my videos from now on with "Made by Michael Bell-Smith Trial Version - Please Register"......)

- Michael Bell-Smith (guest) 1-08-2005 1:08 am

Here are some earlier notes on "Dancin' (Please Register)." In addition to the dancing GIF links you posted, there's this one, which Cory A. spotted a while back. (Which is superb-- Rob Manuel has good eye.) I don't think mine is any different, really, from the other ones in this genre, except possibly it's more slacker in its lack of ambition and refusal to bowl anyone over.

- tom moody 1-08-2005 1:51 am

Also mine is an outgrowth of the "curated" selections of animated GIFs I've been doing, FWIW.
- tom moody 1-08-2005 1:56 am

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