Eric Doeringer Bootlegs

One should have no shame about buying bootlegs of art, if good ones are available. Eric Doeringer makes some of the best souvenirs of art world brand names: these above are all well crafted objets (respectively a painting, ink jet print and combo print & painting). Normally he sells them from a table out on 24th Street, but I acquired this group from his studio, where I got the added pleasure of seeing grids of almost-identical Currins, Yuskavages, and Peytons arranged as if on a production line, being readied to go with him to the next art fair. Most artists have been good sports about seeing their masterpieces hawked on the street like CDs or handbags. The exceptions are Sean Landers and Takashi Murakami, who told the artist not to peddle knockoffs of their work. See the removed Landers on Doeringer's website.

- tom moody 1-13-2005 9:36 am

I'm not sure I'd ever want to go to the trouble of copying any of Landers' masturbatory screeds anyways. I suppose the ink jet route would be the way to start.
- Dan (guest) 1-13-2005 8:21 pm

following that logic why would anyone want a real landers. its a funny litmus test. once done they bring to the surface any number of previously unknowns. in this case emulation is not necessarily an endorsement.
- bill 1-13-2005 9:56 pm

Bill and I saw the "suppressed Landers," which was a copy of a work from possibly Landers' worst show (worst in a bad way): the one where he wrote his trademark self-loathing/celebrating scrawl all over "bad" paintings of the type he'd done the season before. It was an awkward graft, producing some really turgid work--"bad" paintings should at least be fun. Doeringer wasn't particularly inconvenienced because he says the Landers knockoff wasn't selling anyway.
- tom moody 1-13-2005 10:06 pm

i once pawned a fake landers outside of austin. i got six bucks.
i'm only joking. i got four bucks, enough for gas and a taco.
- anonymous (guest) 4-14-2005 1:44 am

Come on, Richard Pettibone has already done this. Pfff... Art appropriation works are cool as long as you find a meaningful way of legitimizing them, like providing a strong conceptual background, as there is in Richard Pettibone, Elaine Sturtevant, Mike Bidlo, Sherrie Levine, Michael Mendiberg, Charles Lutz among others...
- Alice in Wonderland (guest) 5-18-2013 11:54 pm

What makes you think Doeringer doesn't have a strong conceptual background?
- tom moody 5-19-2013 1:50 pm

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