"Reel for Omniverters" [mp3 removed]

A friend commented that he likes the music I wrote for the Macintosh SE better than what I'm doing now, because what I'm doing now is "dance music." I disagree that anything written in the last six months is particularly danceable, although I use a lot of dance tropes because I love it. FWIW, "Reel for Omniverters" is more in the old style of writing, just with newer instruments.

Technical crap: this piece uses Cubase to control three synths, one "outboard" and two virtual. I spent a frustrating week trying to adapt my writing method to the Cubase environment and finally gave up. In Cubase, staff notes are contained within "parts" on a timeline, and you can't cut and paste notes, only parts. Which means constantly moving in and out of the parts to write. So what I did here was write the whole thing for piano in my notation program, which allows one to easily move notes around on any number of staffs, and then saved it as a MIDI file, which I imported into Cubase and used to play the instruments. So, why not just use the notation program to play the synths? Because it's limited to its own (conventional sounding) virtual instruments and its MIDI control isn't very good. Cubase is more compatible with the virtual instrument environment. Because the next step is to eliminate the use of Cubase's "house synths" and import (or control) better sounding ones.

UPDATE: Bonus--piano version [mp3 removed]

- tom moody 1-19-2005 12:16 am

hi, I found your site because i was searching for info on Swayzak Groovetechnology. You have the same taste in music as me, and even though I don't get most art at all, yours directly appeals. I'll have a poke around the site in the next couple of weeks. Your stuff reminds me of Kusama Yayoi. Probably we have the same kind of brain structure.

Your friend sounds like a rock snob.

Here is a song I'm making. It is a ruff thing i did last week. email if you want help about vsts, I've been sorting through tons.


My song

- jeremy a (guest) 1-19-2005 11:48 am

Thanks, that's a nice piece. That's what I wish Swayzak was doing these days--I haven't heard the new CD because they seem to be trying to get on the pop ladder with all the guest vocals; lately I've liked their dj'ing the best.

As for my friend, he's not a rock snob, but doing advanced, pushing-the-envelope electronic music, with beats, but maybe not as interested as me in the dancefloor side of things.

My own interest in the dancefloor side has been mainly as a listener and off-and-on dj, my own tunes are, I would say music box curios, or perhaps eventual soundtracks for short videos.

I will be in touch about VSTs, thanks, once I get a little further along with the sequencer.

- tom moody 1-19-2005 9:58 pm

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